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Hi Lovely,

My name is Amanda Bongiovanni-Duclos and I am the proud owner and operator of Pastoria Metals. I am a jewellery designer and maker born and raised in Alberta, Canada. I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Alberta University of the Arts in 2016 and have since been honing my craft. I have developed a deep fascination with how things come together whether in a material form or through human connection. Through the creation of jewellery I connect many loves of my life, from precious gemstones to gold, and everything in between. 

Body adornment is about individualism and protection, it's also about intimacy and intrigue. What we choose to put on our bodies says something about who we are as individuals. It may be something tough and intimidating, or unique and rustic, it could be simply beautiful. Whatever 'it' is, it's a subtle gesture to the world that says, I am somebody and I mean something. Jewellery is beautiful for its intimate elements, the aspects left for just the wearer to find and enjoy. It could be an intentional fingerprint, a clever clasp, a hidden compartment for a special treasure, or even a stone that is meant to touch your skin instead of facing the viewer. Whatever the addition might be, you will feel special knowing a great deal of consideration went into figuring out how to make that piece a little extra, just for you.

Creating jewellery is an exploration, for me. Each piece that leaves my bench is precious because it has lead to a deeper understanding of the material and a connection. Whether that growth is achieved from a highly technical challenge, or sourcing the right material, when creating jewellery I work hard to ensure intention is at the center of everything I touch.

Jewellery captures a moment, it encapsulates a feeling and then acts as a reminder whenever you see or feel it of a significant event or celebration. When you to choose to wear a creation of mine it becomes a symbol of who you are, of what you think is important, and an expression of experiences you have had. I hope that my work will be a part of your life and your story, something that shines bright and connects you to a time or a person. I intend this to be a treasure you will hold close to your heart and pass along to your children, your grandchildren, your nieces or nephews.

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